The main objective of the project SMaRT-OnlineWDN is the development of an online security management toolkit for water distribution networks that is based on sensor measurements of water quality as well as water quantity. Its field of application ranges from detection of deliberate contamination, including source identification and decision support for effective countermeasures, to improved operation and control of a WDN under normal and abnormal conditions (dual benefit). Detailed information regarding contamination sources (localisation and intensity) is explored by means of an online running model, which is automatically calibrated to the measured sensor data. In this project, the technical research work is complemented with sociological, economical and management analysis. Considering social science and economics combined with applied mathematics, civil and environmental engineering and fluid mechanics research defines an interdisciplinary approach. To this extend, five main research aims are defined, 1) Smart sensors and alarm generation, 2) Online simulation model for reliable water quantity and quality predictions, 3) Optimal location of sensors, 4) Online source identification of contaminants and 5) Risk analysis, identification and evaluation of impacts (real impacts and perceived ones).

The French-German cooperative research project consists of end users (BWB, Berlin in Germany; and CUS, Strasbourg and Veolia-Vedif, Paris in France), technical and socio-economic research institutions (Fraunhofer IOSB, TZW, Irstea, ENGEES) and industrial partners on both the French and the German side (Veolia-Veri, 3S Consult). It ideally combines top-level research with the practical needs of water supply utilities. Among the main expected results, two simulation software tools are planned to be extended for online use: those of partners Irstea and 3S Consult. The three WDN operators will benefit from the outputs and data traceability technology. 

SMaRT-OnlineWDN started in April 2012 and will last from 3 to 4 years. It is financed by the ANR (reference project: ANR-11-SECU-006) and the BMBF (reference project: 13N12180). This project obtained a quality-label by the pole of competitiveness Hydreos.

The 21th January 2013 :  SMaRT-OnlineWDN project was selected to illustrate the French-German cooperation on the occasion of the 50th birthday of the Treaty of the Elysee. More informations on http://www.enseignementsup-recherche.gouv.fr/cid66829/annee-franco-allemande-cinquantenaire-du-traite-de-l-elysee.html