Veolia Environment group is the world leader in environmental solutions with 320 000 employees in 67 countries. The company supplies water, collects and treats wastewater, manages energy systems, collects, treats and recycles wastes, and manages public transportation and freight services.
Veolia Eau d’Ile de France (a subsidiary of the Veolia Environnement group, entirely dedicated to SEDIF), operates the water service of SEDIF.
Created in 1923, the Syndicat des Eaux d’Ile-de‑France (SEDIF) was the first public water providing service in France and one of the very first in Europe. SEDIF comprises 142 communities in the Parisian suburbs.
Veolia Eau d’Ile de France manages the production and distribution of drinking water at a rate of 800 000 m³ per day (around 250 million cubic metres per year) and provides water for 4.3 million inhabitants.
The assets of the water service include three drinking water treatment plants, a network of 8819 km of pipes, 46 supply plants, and 65 reservoirs with a total capacity of 650 600 m³ allow peak demand periods to be regulated.