CUS Water Service

CUS (Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg) water service (201 workers) supplies water to 400 000 habitants through a network composed of about 1100 km cast iron pipes. The average daily production is about 105 000 m³/day groundwater without any treatment.
Distributed water is chlorinated at each of the 4 production sites and in the buffer tank.
Following strong optimisation and security management targets CUS water service has started to extend his remote control system from production to the network.
20 remote monitoring points have been set up between 2009 and 2011 dividing the network into 4 sectors as a first step.
That approach has 2 main targets: 1) Bringing water losses down by dividing the network into sectors and 2) water quality monitoring on the network.
Following parameters are continuously controlled at these points: flow in pipes; pressure; temperature, pH and chlorine residuals. This completes the water quality analysis (over 2000/year). This sensor network will be completed in the next year by the instrumentation of the city centre (the oldest part of the net).
Long-­term targets are: 1) enhance the hydraulic model; 2) evaluate the vulnerability of the supply system while simulating accidents and suitable measures such as drawing gates, local chlorination etc; 3) reduce loss in pipes; 4) go further in the investigations that have been done in terms of water supply quality control, incidents anticipation and further 5) a more effective management of “crisis situations”.